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Solo girl Kaci flashes her tits

Solo girl Kaci flashes her tits
Kaci is a hot little solo girlfriend with a nice set of titties on her. She likes getting them out anytime she has a chance and everybody around her takes notice when this happens. She’s a little shy at first but she warms up to the camera quickly and enjoys putting on a show.

Kaci strips, masturbates, flashes, and plays with her friends and it’s all documented on her camera. sent her an HD camera and she has used it to shoot the hottest naked girl videos ever! She and her friends are all out on the town, getting all sorts of crazy with their self shot videos.

Her friends, Zoe and Mae, love hanging out with her because they all lose their inhibitions and things get wild!

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The first time I logged-in to my new profile at I was definitely skeptical. I had gone on so many other dating and hookup sites that never panned out. Most of them had plenty of profiles, but you would notice after some time on the site that the profiles either aren’t real or are old and not used anymore. So when I made my new profile, I wasn’t expecting much. I assumed that nobody I contacted would ever respond and it would be another waste of time for me. But I was very wrong.

My profile had been online for only a few days when I got the first email. Wendy contacted me with a simple “Hi”. Ok, that’s interesting…somebody actually contacted me. So I respond “Hi there”. I thought I would make it as unassuming and simple as she did. She responded within an hour. “You look interesting”. So I said the same back to her “You too”. “Wanna hookup?” She says. “Sure!”

I was amazed at my luck! Either this is a sick joke or she has to be the fattest, ugliest girl on the planet. Her pics looked good – almost, too good to be true. I was still skeptical about this girl because of how easy it was to hookup with her. But there was no way we weren’t going to meet in person.

The next day was Saturday and we were both off from work. We made plans to meet at her house and see where it takes us. I got there too early and waited outside for 20 min so I didn’t look stupid. I was hard already…real hard. I got to the front door and adjusted my pants.

She opened the door topless. I stood there with my mouth open and was unable to say anything because of her amazing rack staring at me, 3 inches from my face. I just took them both in my hands and started sucking her tits. We had sex right there in the doorway.